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Recuring cast members:

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Madea, Daddy Charles, Dr. Willie LeroyTyler Perry

Mr. BrownDavid Mann

CoraTamela Mann

Wanda, StephanieCheryl "Pepsii" Riley Grace

Vanessa, AnnChantell D. Christopher

Katie, Dianna Massey Judy Peterson


Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself

"I Can Do Bad All By MySelf"

This was Tyler Perry's first Play and the debut of what would come to be his most popular charater Madea. Sisters at odds threaten to tear the family apart, and its up to Madea to get thing straightened out. 


Tyler Perry - Madea

Kisha Grandy - Vianne

Tyga Graham - Bobby

Tosha Moore - Maylee

David Mann - Mr. Brown

Tamela Mann - Cora

Carl Pertile - Anthony






"Madea Goes to Jail"

In this show Madea gets herself jailed, finds herself talked into taking on a foster child and getting in the middle of a marital dispute. Watch as madea straightens it all out and does it all with the help of her friends "Smith " And "Wesson"


Tyler Perry - Madea

Chantell D. Christopher - Vanessa

Cassi Davis - Ella

Christian Keyes - Sunny

Judy Peterson - Katie 

Ryan Gentles - Nate

Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley Grace - Wanda

LaVan Davis - Leo

Brian Hurst - Jeremy

Anndretta Lyle - Tony





 Tyler Perry's Madea's Class Reunion


"Madea's Class Reunion"


She's at it again this time she is at a class reunion. Madea finds that she can't go anywhere that her advice isn't needed. This is one class reunion everyone will be talking about for a long time.


Tyler Perry- Madea/ Dr. Willie Leroy

Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley Grace - Stephanie

Chandra Currelley Young - Emma

Tamela Mann - Cora

David Mann - Mr. Leroy Brown

Pam Taylor - Trina Jeffery

Judy Peterson - Diana Massey

Chantell D. Christopher - Ann

D'Wayne Gardner - Horace

Ahmad Jamal McGhee - Dj/Waiter

Terell Carter - Corey Jefferies

 Anselmo Gordon - Clarence Massey





Madea's Family Reunion


"Madea's Family Reunion"


A funeral, a family reunion and a wedding all in the same weekend. that would make anyone's head spin but not Madea she takes it all in stride while straightening out the family and does it all with her special "Bust-a-Cap" methods.


Tyler Perry - Madea

D'Atra Hicks - Jackie

Tamela Mann - Cora

David Mann - Mr. Brown

Pebbles Johnson - Vickie

Gary Jenkins - A.J

Regina McCrary - Ms. Mattie

Terry Philips - Kevin

Sonya Evans - Lisa

Mike Storm - Ronnie

Zakayla Williams - Tina





Diary of a Mad Black Woman The Play


"Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" 


Helen  finds out her husband is cheating with her best friend. find out what happens after she gets a little advice from Madea.


Daddy Charles/Madea - Tyler Perry

Helen - Marva King

Charles - Curtis Blake

Myrtle - Regina Gibbs

Orlando - Dexter Hamett

Willie - Ty London

Brenda - Tunja Robinson





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